Lifelong Benefits Of Starting a Fitness Program

Incorporating fitness into your life has many benefits, if you put together a fitness program that includes exercise, nutrition, and proper rest the quality of your life will improve. You will feel better and have more energy, you will be motivated to get out and do things. Your health will get better and you will save money on medical bills, you will make more money by having less sick time and maybe even get a promotion at work. You will probably live longer as well.Here are some basics to get you started in the right direction, Learn about nutrition to start eating better. Cut out complex carbohydrates like white bread, rice, and potatoes, they take much longer to digest and have a greater chance of turning into body fat. Also cut down on good carbohydrates, do not stop eating them completely because they are still good for you in the right portion.The same goes with fats, there are good and bad fats so take time to learn what and how much is good for you. An example of a good fat would be omega 3’s from fish oils. Protein is also essential to your health and is needed for certain body functions including building muscle, eating a gram of protein for every two to three pounds of body weight is a good place to start. Advanced bodybuilders need more while most people will not need that much. The body needs vitamins and minerals to grow and function and even the best diets can be lacking, I take a good daily multivitamin that is developed for my gender.Let us talk about exercise and what is needed, actually the type of exercise you do depends on your goals. Just about everyone will have stretching and cardio as the foundation of their fitness program, stretching is important to elongate your muscles, make you flexible and prevent injury.Cardio gives the most benefit to your health, it strengthens your heart and lungs while being a great way to lose and control you weight. Cardio will improve your health and help you to live longer, another benefit from cardio will be to increase your strength to build your weight training abilities.There are 3 basic types of weight training, most people train to tone up and improve their overall conditioning. There is strength training that is focused on making you stronger and powerful, this is used mostly by athletes to improve performance. It is also good for the middle age to maintain bone and muscle tissue.Rest is also an important aspect, while the body is asleep is when it grows and repairs itself. Get at least six to eight hours sleep, as you get used to lifting you will get to know your body and be able to adjust what works for you.