Internet Marketing For MLM Recruiting

If you are struggling in your network marketing business you have yet to learn internet marketing for MLM. You must bring in enough leads to grow your business. It doesn’t matter what your primary company is, leads are your life blood. The best way we know how to get leads is through internet marketing.There are many methods of internet marketing for MLM. We will talk about what I feel are the top three.Top 3 Ways to do Internet Marketing for MLMThere are almost as many ways to market on the internet as there are internet marketers. Maybe not that many but there are quite a few. The three that we’re going to discuss in this article are something that all beginning MLM business owners should start with.Video MarketingIf you are doing any internet marketing, you should definitely be looking at using video marketing as a tool. Video allows you to connect on a level that no other media can. It can help set you apart from the crowd and raise your credibility with your prospects. Fancy words and elaborate sentences aren’t necessary. Just be open and honest and it will show in your videos.Video can speed up the process of building relationships with your prospects. Words, photographs, and text can only do so much to connect you with a potential client. Video can help you gain a loyal following very quickly.The current juggernaut of video marketing sites is YouTube.MLM prospecting becomes much more powerful when you combine the power of video, with the next two forms of internet marketing.Article MarketingArticle marketing has been a favorite internet marketing strategy of MLM top earners for years. Some claim article marketing isn’t near as effective as it used to be but we beg to differ. We feel article marketing is as strong as ever if done properly. If you throw up an article that is stuffed full of keywords you’re wasting your time. Google has gotten smarter and so should your marketing efforts.It will be difficult, if not impossible to increase your search engine rankings without the proper article marketing strategies. Search engine optimization used to be about writing an article with your keyword in it a bunch of times. The algorithms in the search engines have gotten much more complex and much more intelligent.Your article marketing strategy must now contain well written articles that are keyword optimized, and full of quality content. The search engines are now looking for articles that have a specific key word in them, mixed with related keywords, and relevant content.An MLM marketing system that combines the power of video marketing with the back linking power of article marketing, needs one more component to be very effective.Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is part art and part science. Very few network marketing professionals utilize social media marketing to its full extent.Social media marketing can be used for many purposes. Driving specific traffic to a website, determining the viability of the product, and a little bit of search engine optimization as well.Your article marketing and video marketing efforts can get a viral boost from social media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook. The sites now have hundreds of millions of users, watching videos and posting comments on a daily basis. They can supply you with specific demographic information that can be used to target specific prospects.Internet marketing for MLM leads without the use of social media is missing the boat.Pay Per Click can also be very effective if used properly and tracked well, but I wanted to focus on free lead generation techniques.Internet Marketing For MLM Lead GenerationRegardless of which internet marketing method you choose, you should have at least video marketing, article marketing, and social media marketing in your tool belt.If your idea of MLM lead generation is making cold calls to your warm market, then I need you to put down your rotary phone (that’s a really old phone for those who don’t know) and step into the 21st century. Making a list and calling everyone on it is an antiquated technique.Using all three of the above, internet marketing for MLM techniques, will boost your business and bring you into the new era of network marketing. Getting leads will become much easier and your business will thrive.