Creative Memories Scrap Booking Business – 5 Creative Ways to Advertise

Learning how to advertise a Creative Memories Scrap-booking Business does not have to be hard and it does not have to be BORING. Here are five ways you can spice up your advertising plan.Creative Memories CalendarsCalendars are one of those things that people do not throw away. Think about it. People throw away business cards, fliers and other costly advertising products, but they will hang up a calendar. You can buy some custom made Calendars for your Scrap-booking Business and pass them out at the beginning of each year. How to make your Creative Memories Calendars work for you.Each month have a different scrap-booking theme and lesson. Capitalize on holidays.
Have ideas for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays
Put some gift ideas and picture demonstrations on your Calendar.Creative Memories hatsA creative memories hat can definitely help promote your business. When you are talking to someone, they normally look at your face. This means that if you have a creative looking hat, then people will pay attention to it. Its also a great and inexpensive way to advertise considering you can wear it everyday if you wanted to.How to make your Creative Memories Hat work for you.Make sure it is eye-catching. Go on or and get the funniest and catchiest phrase.
Intentionally strike up conversations with people just so that they will notice your Creative Memories Hat.
Make sure you put phrases like “Need Extra Cash” or something pertaining to the services you can provide on your hat.Business Cards people will not want to throw awayMany people make the mistake of getting a business card that is plain Jane. If you want people to keep your Creative Memories Business Card, it must be useful in some way. Also, keep in mind that you want your card to be professional and not be too colorful and cluttered.How to make your Business Cards work for youAdd a calendar on the back of the card.
Add a coupon or special event invitation on the back of the card
When giving out the cards, spark up a conversation and ask them for their card first.Creative Memories NotebooksYes, notebooks can be an excellent marketing tool. You just must know who to give it to. Who do you know use notebooks the most and also probably have tons of pictures to do scrap-booking? College students!!!! A great way to advertise your Creative Memories Scrap-booking Business is to pass out Notebooks to the people that will use them the most. The advantages of a notebook is that they will probably not just toss it. They will always have your contact information and they will carry it with them giving you even more exposure.Who can you give your notebooks to?Stay at home Moms: Suggest to them to use it as a to do list notebook.
College Students: Most College students will appreciate a Free Notebook.Creative Memories Tote BagA tote bag is very useful these days. Many people have them because they are trying to be green so why not you? Most likely you will carry this tote bag everywhere. This will give you great exposure. Just make sure its eye-catching and you have some useful phrases on there.How to make Tote Bags Work for you?Use it as a Grocery Bag when you go to the grocery store
Use it as a Tote Bag when you go to the library
Use it at Church to hold your bible and notebooks
Use it to carry your products at Job Fairs and etc
Just carry it everywhere you go!